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And once again “professional” sports give us something exceptionally lame (my emphasis):

Through a series of tweets on Wednesday, we learned from the Minnesota Wild’s head equipment manager Tony Da Costa that number decals are being added to the front of every NHL skater’s helmet. And because of how the helmets are designed, they’re really going on the top.

King of a sad commentary on the state of “professional” sports in that one thought I had is “whew, at least they’re not company ads”.  Not that the it matters that much, I don’t watch the NHL after all.  Still, it’s possibly yet another crappy NHL idea that may trickle down to the NCAAs and other hockey leagues.


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File this under “Companies (possibly) behaving badly”:

The snow was so bad that Interstate 35 South was closed from Albert Lea to the Iowa border. Interstate 90 West was also closed to the South Dakota border. So there were people in Albert Lea who were stuck there. This morning a KSTP weather person was reporting live from Albert Lea. She said she was “glad they got hotel reservations early”. A couple of minutes later she went on to say how “four people had to sleep in the Albert Lea armory for the night, since they couldn’t get a hotel room”. Just for the record this is not an exact quote, but it’s close.

What the heck? So basically the news forced people to sleep, likely on cots, at the armory. There is a couple of scenarios that could have happened.

Scenario One: This is the one I can think of where KSTP isn’t horrible. The weather person was already out in southern Minnesota for some other reason earlier and just happened to get stuck in Albert Lea.

That’s understandable, but I’m guessing Scenario Two is more likely:

Scenario Two: KSTP receives word that I-35 and I-70 are closed in Albert Lea. They say “oh wouldn’t it be great to have a live report from there?”. They send their “eyewitness news team” there to report. While their team is in route, they make hotel reservations, knowing perfectly well that the team won’t be getting back. The team then gets their nice hotel room, while the people are forced to stay at the armory.

In this case KSTP is horrible for doing this. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m thinking Scenario Two is more likely.

Also incrediblly the Section 5A game was played last night. It was played as scheduled at 7:30 PM. Blake beat Totinto-Grace 2-1.

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Corporation advertisements are everywhere. There is almost no where you can go or almost nothing you can do without seeing a company logo or advertisement. Buy a bottle of water, Aquafina get a free advertisement. Walk down the street, plenty of adverisements there. Loads of them on the internet. “Want a job at our company? You must wear our logo on your shirt and wear a name-badge that has our logo”. Go out to dinner at Applebees? There’s their company logo: on their menu , on their beer glasses , on their bar , and astoundingly they even have apples on the tiles of their restroom. Basically to say “you may be at our restaurant, but we still need to advertise to you”.

Look at NASCAR, there are advertisement everywhere. Plenty of driving ads and walking ads. Corporations pay athletes to wear their logo, make commercials for them, and do other things to advertise them. They also give them sometimes free stuff so their product can be shown.

Yet somehow this policy doesn’t apply to the average person. In fact the opposite is true a lot of times. People even give companies money so they can have a corporate logo on their feet , on their shorts, and other places.

So not only are corporations getting free advertisements, but people are actually the corporations money to advertise the company. I really just don’t understand it. Granted that sport stars are liked by many more people and that them being on television the companies can have their product advertised more, but why should us “non-stars” give them free advertising or pay to advertise their product. Don’t they have enough places they can advertise? I wear hockey jerseys, which I suppose is advertising, but I don’t like going farther than that. And no, NASCAR apparel doesn’t count the same as other sports jerseys due to the fact that NASCAR jackets are filled with tons of advertisements.

So as much as I like X product, I’m not buying a walking ad of their until they start paying me. Regretably sometimes you just can’t get around it, which is just a shame. Buy a fridge and there is a corpoate name on it. Too bad they don’t have the option where you can buy one without a logo. When you think about it, we’re paying them for their product so it should be our option. In the end, yes it is their product so they can put what they want on it. I’m still not buying a pair of shorts so I can be a walking advertisement.

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Warning, Rant ahead

Once again the MLS shows why their league is a joke. Team names are so ridiculous, you’d think they were Yahoo!Fantasy Football teams. Add to the list of terrible names: Houston Dynamo and Red Bull New York. One (Houston) gets a WTF for not being original and the other (New York), although being somewhat original, gets a WTF for allowing a corporation to put one up their tailpipe. Houston, we have a problem. How about some originality? Teams already having “Dynamo” are Dinamo Bucharest, Dynamo Dresden, Dynamo Kiev, Dinamo Minsk, Dynamo Moscow, Dinamo Tbilisi, Dinamo Zagreb, and Dynamos FC. I found those without hardly even trying. Houston is making a pretty shameless attempt, it appears, to try and sell the game by using naming of existing teams (I’m also looking at you Real Salt Lake). Houston Dynamo I can live with seeing, the next one I can not.

New York now becomes my most hated team in all of sports. They took the next horrible step in teams bending over and letting corporations have their way with them. I’m fuming so much that it hard to know where to start. It’s too bad the monkeys who made this decision don’t actually play the game. I’d probably cross the line and do something I’ve never done before. That is, cheer for them to be injured. I’ll leave with a question.

How long before they start putting corporations logos on each and every seat? You get to the turnstile. Before the ticket person will let you through he or she will say “Welcome to Metamucil Arena, sponsored by Perkins. Your seat today is sponsored by Ace Hardware, the helpful hardware place.” Then when you get to your seat, waiting for you will be Ace literature that way you can read up on their “fabulous” company. This all will happen because the team signed Johnny come Lately (the new kid in town), but have to somehow pay for his one billion dollar salary. Then when Johnny Come Lately scores (on a net with the Pepsi logo in the mesh), instead of skating past the bench for high-fives, he will skate to the scoring table. They will give him a microphone and he will say “I’d like to thank Nike for this goal. Nike, just do it.” Do these things sound absurd? Maybe, but they’re still very likely the way things are going. Okay, now I’m worked up. This sort of thing is the reason why I’ve almost entirely given up on professional sports. In case my prior words didn’t say it well enough, New York you suck.

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