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I’m just going to start “publishing” the posts that I transfered over from my old blog.  So the RSS feed will be screwed up for a while, sorry to anyone who’s reading this blog that way.

On the road in this morning one of the guys on the Zack&Jack show was talking about the Red Sox and how bad they’ve been in September.  He said something to the extent about how “we love to see other fans misery”.   Seems silly to me if people are miserable because their team isn’t doing good.

The Power Trip last Friday came up with their Top 10 Metallica songs.  The four voted on their favorites and then put them together to get the list (they’re doing the same with AC/DC this Friday).  While I think Top10 lists are too overdone (extremely overdone thanks to the internet), I still get sucked in, especially when it’s something I’m interested in.  On the Power Trips list Metallica’s The Black Album is heavily on the list, making up 5 of the 10 songs, which apparently people who would count themselves as huge Metallica fans would roll their eyes over.  My top ones are also heavily The Black Album songs – although I don’t count myself as a Heavy Metal fan, I’m not sure – other than Metallica – if there’s a band I like much.  So for what it’s worth here they are (links are to the songs on Youtube):

  1. King Nothing – Load album
  2. Wherever I May Roam – The Black Album
  3. One – And Justice For All
  4. Enter Sandman – The Black Album
  5. The God that Failed – The Black Album
  6. Of Wolf and Man – The Black Album
  7. Hero of the Day – Load
  8. Don’t Tread on Me – The Black Album
  9. And Justice for All – And Justice for All
  10. Seek and Destroy – Kill ‘Em All

I didn’t include it on the list since it’s a remake, but Metallica’s cover of Bob Seger’s Turn the Page is wonderful.


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I’m looking forward to tonight.  Miss Kaelyn and myself are having “water babies” class.  Last year she enjoyed it at only 1 year old and this year she seems to like it well too, just as long as she’s not on her back (that’s true for baths as well).  Then again she’s very much a people person.
As I said yesterday, Amy had given me God of War II for my birthday.  I played for only 15 minutes or so last night and I’m very impressed by the little I played.
The most incredible thing was the Colossus of Rhondes coming to life!  That is pretty darn cool.  Recently I had read just a little about the Colossus and thought “hey, that’s neat”, but seeing how they did it in GOW2 was spectacular.  Then again, any humongous statue is pretty darn neat.  Kind of amazing to think about, the Statue of Liberty is only 26th largest in the world.  I can’t imagine the Spring Temple Buddha, just look at the size of that thing.  It would be neat to journey around and see all of them, but considering most of them are in Asia, that’s not likely to happen.
Not quite in the same ballpark, but I did see the Mother Cabrini Shrine in Colorado.  That was pretty neat.  The drive may have been the best part and I’d recommend it if you find yourself out in CO for a hockey game or other reasons.  It’s probably not worth the trip for the statue alone, but the drive up to Summit County (Breckenridge, Dillon, etc) is wonderful.  I certainly miss Colorado at times.

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There aren’t enough accidents

I love Click and Clack. They’re reasoning makes sense to me. While browing out on their site I came upon this gem of a article. I copied most of the article. If you want the whole article click the link below.

There Aren’t Nearly Enough Accidents:
Are You Doing Your Part?

by Tom Magliozzi (more…)

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I’m been wanting to calculate this out before. Call it Brad’s myth of driving fast – debunked. Driving fast doesn’t get me places faster. There’s a lot of numbers in this one, it’s just my math background talking. I just want to caution you so I don’t give you a headache.

My commute from Amy’s:
to the bus stop exit is 29.5 miles
to work is 43.4 Miles

This morning I drove only the speed limit. To the bus stop exit took 32 minutes and to work took 47 minutes. So taking the minutes divided by 60, I get they took 0.533333 and 0.783333 hours respectively. Then dividing those figures by the miles I get my average MPH speeds (55.31 MPH and 55.40 MPH).

Now let’s assume that I got 10 MPH over the speed limit. I add 10 to my average MPHers from this morning. Now they are 65.31 instead of 55.31 and 65.40 instead of 55.40. The miles don’t change obviously. To figure out how long it will take, I take the miles divided by the speeds and then the total multiplied by 60 to get the minutes. So:

( 29.5 Miles / 65.31 MPH ) X 60 = 27.10 minutes
( 43.4 Miles / 65.40 MPH ) X 60 = 39.81 minutes

So if I’m driving 10 miles per hour over the speed limit, I’m not saving much time.

Amy’s place to the bus stop exit is only 5 minutes quicker if I’m going 10 MPH over the speed limit. Amy’s place to work only 7 minutes quicker if I’m going 10 MPH over the speed limit. So not worth it in my opinion.

Let’s look at the gas usage when driving slow or fast. I’m driving my 2005 Toyota Camry, which gets roughly 33 miles per gallon. According to Yahoo Answers, driving 75 miles per hour instead of 55 miles per hour increases fuel consumption by 20%, so we’ll assume only going 10 MPH over increases the fuel consumption by 10 percent. So in my Camry, driving ten over drops my miles per gallon from 33 down to 29.7 MPG. We get the number of gallons used for each trip by taking the miles of the trip divided by the miles per gallon. So:

To bus stop exit (at speed limit): 29.5 miles / 33 MPG = 0.89394 gallons
To bus stop exit (10 MPH over limit): 29.5 miles / 29.7 MPG = 0.99327 gallons

To work (at speed limit): 43.4 miles / 33 MPG = 1.31515 gallons
To work (10 MPH over limit): 43.4 miles / 29.7 MPG = 1.46128 gallons

So driving 10 MPH over the speed limit, it uses 0.0993 and 0.1461 gallons respectively. Doesn’t sound like too much. Multiplying that by $3 per gallon and then by 2 (for round trips), that only $0.60 and $0.88 cents per trip. Nothing there. Based on a 20 day work month, that’s only $11.92 and $17.54 to drive faster. Not too much, but if you are someone hurting for money that could help out by driving slower.

I also calculated all this on going from Amy’s to my Dad’s place (179.82 miles) and to my favorite park – Yellowstone National Park (1,009.63 miles). Driving 10 MPH over to my Dad’s house only gets me there 19 minutes early and ends up only costing me $1.82 round-trip. Out to Yellowstone, driving 10 MPH gets me there 108 minutes earier. Slightly less than two hours, which isn’t much on such a long trip. The gas it costs me round-trip if only $20.40 so on such a trip twenty dollars isn’t much.

I’d love to say that me driving all the way to work instead of taking the bus only costs me and extra $0.28 per day, but unfortunately I work downtown. So instead of $0.28 per day it becomes $10.28 per day extra because of the bad parking rates. Much too much to drive to work if I don’t have to. That and it sure is nice to avoid the traffic.

Anyone see if I calculated something wrong?

So what I can tell, driving fast doesn’t get you places that much faster, but it doesn’t cost you that much more. Of course this counts that all other facts are being equal. Maybe driving faster means you’ll be past a certain intersection before a major accident happens. Then again maybe driving that fast makes you much more likely to be the one that caused that accident. Hard to say, because those are uncontrollable factors. That being said, I’m going to try driving slower. Might as well enjoy my drive, knowing that if I rushed I wouldn’t get there much faster.

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For those of you who are going through tough times, these may give you a much needed laugh. Whenever I’m going through bad times, they always make me laugh. They’re De-motivators, the opposite of the motivators. They’re funny because they are (at least partially) true. I particularly love the mistakes one. Enjoy!


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