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I haven’t written in a while, since I haven’t found anything that remarkable to write about.

As far as UMD goes they now are unbeaten in 13
games. That’s pretty darn remarkable streak against any opponent, unless all those games were against Squirt B teams. Apologies to Squirt B teams, maybe there are some out there that can beat UMD, who was the #1 rated team in the country and got 3 points in Madison over the weekend. That 13 game streak also includes 4 road series. Friday UMD never lead and came back in the third for the tie, that tie stopped a string of 7 Ws for the Dogs.

In my personal life things are going good. We just had the Northfield Winter Walkabout on Thursday. It was more bearable than previous years, since the weather wasn’t bitterly cold. We had a fun time going through the streets, with the lone exception being us trying to get Kaelyn’s picture with a walking snowman; she cried even through the snowman wasn’t touching her (makes sense, she’s been scared of Santa, UMD mascot Champ, and other such costumes). After this week we’re off until after Christmas. We’re doing the north-south Minnesota thing, north before Christmas and south on Christmas. Hopefully there won’t be any storms to make the 4 hour trip from north to south terrible.

We bought Kaelyn a good bed. Up until this point she had been sleeping in a crib, with the side off. We bought her a bunk bed, for when she has a friend and/or cousins over. The bunk bed doesn’t have a ladder, but instead has stairs on the side of it, so it’s less likely she’ll fall going from the bottom to the top bunk. She’s only sleeping in the bottom bed for now.

My 2011 Sci-Fi Challenge is over, for whatever reason it runs December to November. I’d say I completed the regular challenge, but that’s being a little deceptive, since I can’t say I read every book from cover to cover (some I stopped around 70 pages). Like the 2011 Challenge there are 3 challenges: Light (read 10 of the 30 categories), Medium (20 categories), and Regular (all 30 of the 30 categories). You can double-count books if you wish. I went through and penciled in books for the categories.


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Had a wonderful weekend "up north". UMD swept Mankato. Both games Mankato didn’t play that bad when you look at the shots, but really the games weren’t that chose. This is really going to be a long season for the Mankato team. After allowing 10 to Denver a month ago, on Saturday they allowed 7 to UMD and 4 of those goals happened in less than two minutes. I would have thought the Mankato coach would have called a timeout after the third, but then again I’m not a NCAA coach.

Saturday afternoon we went down to Duluth from Dad’s house and went to the "festival of trees". Amy said it correctly that it shouldn’t be called the festival of trees since it really was just a craft sale (one you pay to get into). My first 23 or so years were in Duluth. Driving home I had something that hasn’t happened to me before. The ice was so bad on the freeway heading up over the hill and the car ahead of me was going so slow, that my car tires kept slipping on the road so much that my car came to a dead stop on the freeway. It could have been a lot worse, since I was in the middle of the three lanes (the right lane was a turn lane to go into Proctor). Very fortunately there happened to be a snow plow that came within half a minute (or even less) who cut in front of us and threw down some sand that allowed my wheels to make traction and get us going again. Needless to say I’m getting new tires.

Thankfully the weather was better for Saturday night, since….

Saturday night was Kaelyn’s first UMD hockey game. The four of us went (Amy, Kaelyn, Dad, and myself). Kaelyn did wonderful. We went out to eat at Old Chicago before the game. We were placed at a big round table at the top of the stairs, which was wonderful for her, since she could walk around a little bit and also look over the railing at people. Before the opening puck drop I took Kaelyn down to the glass to look. The UMD mascot saw Kaelyn on the glass and skated over. That gave her a little scare, she grabbed tightly on me, but didn’t cry. Kaelyn liked her hockey game and enjoyed watching the students and band, both of which we were just across the aisle from.

After the game she said she wanted "more". Amy said that Kaelyn may have the "sillanpa hockey blood in her".

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Not too much has been going on lately in my life. UMD got a sweep last weekend against Anchorage. This weekend Mankato comes to Duluth.

Saturday night will be Kaelyn’s first ever UMD hockey game. We’ll see how that goes; it could be interesting since her usual bed time is 8:00 and it’s pretty rare she’s up later than that, let alone up until 10:00. Still, we’ll try and get her a late nap. Kaelyn has a UMD hockey jersey; we wouldn’t have bought her one yet, but my great friend Rhonda got it for Kaelyn. Still, I’d guess we’ll end up leaving the game early, no big deal if we do.

Love this St. Cloud State "Dinner Time" ad-thing. A SCSU sweep this weekend would be wonderful since 1) I always like to see UMTC lose, 2) I like to see SCSU win, and 3) a SCSU sweep and UMD sweep would put UMD in 1st in the WCHA. Apparently it’s common for UMD fans to not like St. Cloud State, but I personally have never felt that. In fact in my current WCHA rooting priorities, SCSU is third:

1) UMD
2) Michigan Tech
3) St. Cloud State
4) Bemidji State
5) Nebraska-Omaha
6) Wisconsin
7) North Dakota
8) Alaska-Anchorage
9) Colorado College, Denver
11) Minnesota State Mankato
12) Minnesota-Twin Cities

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UMD had great weekend at Providence, a win Friday and a tie Saturday. I’m not going to write more than that. You can see the box scores yourself.

I don’t recall if I ever saw them, but I’m still sad to see that Alabama-Huntsville will be dropping their hockey program. Apparentely they’re the first school who has won a National Title to drop their program, which is even more sad. Still, being that no other school is close to them geographically they were always fighting an uphill battle, no team would want to journey down there and their location isn’t exactly something conferences

As far as my weekend goes; Amy, Kaelyn, and I joined her friend and her kids for nice day Saturday. They came to our house and we spent the afternoon going to Thorncrest Farm to get pumpkins, out to the alpaca farm, and then to the apple orchard. The evening we walked across the road to the neighbors for snacks and a fire.

Both of my cousin’s won their section! My cousin Hillary now plays tomorrow in St. Cloud against Rochester Lourdes, where once again they’re be trying to pull the upset, they upset the higher ranked Chisago Lakes team in the section final. My cousin Brock plays in St. Cloud as well, but on Thursday, against Benilde. Like Hillary’s team they too will try for another upset, upsettting Marshall in the section final. Kind of odd; Esko co-ops with Cloquet and Carleton for boy’s soccer (similar to hockey) but for girl’s soccer it’s only Esko and Carleton. Maybe there’s more girls who want to play soccer?

Sunday night saw the premiere of Once Upon a Time. Right now Amy and I have plenty of shows to watch and weren’t exactly looking to add a new show, but the ads for it looked interesting. We tried it and enjoyed it, so we’re going to keep watching it. It’s a pretty unique idea.

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It's so early that I wouldn't glance that much at it, but still Michigan Tech is #1 in the extremely-early Pairwise. It probably wouldn't even be worth me linking to it, but really when was the last time Tech made the Pairwise?

Unnecessary Stats updated after last weekend's game:
UMD scores 4, allows 5: 0-22-0
Games on 10/14: 1-1-0
Games on 10/15: 3-1-0
Games in October: 43-30-15

Had a wonderful weekend "Up North". Got up there around 9 PM Friday. Saturday we went to my cousin's futbol game, which is wonderful because it seems whenever we are up there it's not when any of my cousins are playing. It was very windy, so it was very cold for us spectators. They won 1-0; the goal was one that I thought the keeper maybe should have had, but it also could have been the strong win pushed it so much that saving it would have been impossible. She plays tonight against Hermantown in the section semis (no upsets so far, the top 4 seeds are still going).

Her brother's team also won 4-0; we didn't go and he didn't play anyhow. They also play tonight for the sectional semis. They are playing #6 Proctor, who upset #3 Hermantown.

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Something on Facebook last night got me thinking, thinking about myself and being a “fan”. With the possible exception of UMD hockey, I don’t think I can label myself as a “fan” for sports anymore. I may count certain things as interests, but I don’t think “fan” applies. Seems to me that to label myself a “fan” there’s all kind of stuff that goes along with that.

In cases like the NFL, NBA, MLB, even the NHL, I certainly wouldn’t call myself a fan. I’m not even certain how much I’m interested in them. The four leagues combined I’m not sure if I’ve watched more the three games in the last four years; haven’t watched one Superbowl, NBA Final, World Series, or Stanley Cup finals game in that time. I may hear about things going on in any of those league in my car each day, but whatever is being said I’m only mildly interested in, listening to sports talk radio is just something to have on, instead of silence, when I’m not wanting to listen to music. Like how Bostonians (is that the word?) are up in arms regarding the conduct of the Red Sox players. I heard about on the radio, but I really had no interest in any of it, it doesn’t matter to me.

Like I said UMD may be the exception, I may still label myself as a UMD “fan”, but even then I’m not so certain. I get plenty of enjoyment out of it and was very glad UMD won the National Title last season, their NCAA run was amazing. Still, if UMD was to zero wins for the next decade I really don’t think that would matter that much to me, I don’t have any expectations regarding team “performance”. Even with zero wins in a decade, I’d still want to go to games and I can’t see myself being one of the people who would be calling for a coach firing or any such thing.

It’s kind of been a lot of things that are why I’m a lot more mellow regarding sports compared to a decade ago. I’ve come to realize that “relax, it’s just a game” (this one is good too) so it’s not so often that I get worked up about sports anymore. I guess that’s why I’ve come to appreciate NCAA Division II, Division III, and junior hockey; the games are treated as just games, you don’t see the other stuff that you do in D-I or professional leagues.

So I guess what I’m saying is that I am not a “sports fan”, I’m someone who finds sports interesting from time to time.

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A very nice weekend.  We traveled a little bit, but still it felt like a home weekend.

Saturday we had a relaxing morning at home.  We then drove up to Eagan and went to Lebanon Hills Park and looked at the lake.  Lebanon Hills Park was the place of Amy and my second date back in 2004, although the area of Lebanon Hills where we went back then is closed right now for some sort of construction.  We then met my aunt Cynthia at Burnsville Mall, where she got Kaelyn some clothes.  We finished out day by going to our friend Kim’s house.

Sunday we ended up going up to Bloomington to the Mall of America area to Ikea.  We found a leather desk chair for $40 (we were using a folding chair for the desk prior to that).  We got Kaelyn a light for her wall that’s a blue star.  We also got a couple of furniture pieces for putting shoes in, for our back hallway.

I installed NHL2004 on our computer and I’m going to do a mod of it.  It’s been at least a couple of years since I’ve done so.  With me not having much time it’ll take a long time to do a project, so maybe I’ll end up giving up on it, but I’ve been missing the creative modding process.  I’m thinking I’m just going to throw in junior hockey teams for different leagues.  Not sure which is the NHL2004 leagues I’ll mod over;  moding over the NHL would mean more teams, but that would take forver, maybe I’ll just mod over the german league instead.

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