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Note to and anyone else interest check out these webcams. They’re not quite a spectacular as the old faithful one, but some are pretty decent. Some don’t change a lot. I there are more looking for “webcams” under the national parks service.

If anyone has an other great ones I’d certainly appreciate you posting them. Of course I realize there’s plenty of webcams out there, but I’m thinking more of national/state parks.

Glacier National Park cams
Grand Canyon
Washington D.C.

Big Bend:
Chisos Basin webcam
Panther Junction Webcam

Oh and here are a bunch


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Great weekend.

I must start with the most important thing. Amy and I now officially 1 year married!. Quick year and still happily married.

Friday – Our real estate guy Jeremy came over to talk over the possibility of buying the house. His wife came a little later, we had dinner, and the played 500. I’ll never get sick of that game. It’s very obvious that the version my family plays is different than the version Jeremy and Erin (his wife) play. For them if you’re not bidding at least an eight, you’re not winning the bid. Then again my family plays that if a team hits -500 than they lose. For them there is no bottom amount.

Saturday – Amy and I drove up to the Chanhassen Dinner Theater. We saw Les Miserables. My favorite musical, by far. This was first time for Amy to see it, my second. It was almost ten years ago I had saw it last, my only time. The circumstances? I saw it in London at a theater that I think was designed for Les Mis. I have the Les Mis soundtrack and I listen to it often (I really love musicals). I know a lot of the songs by heart. It’s like they’re singing old favorites. The food was great. The acting was great as well, although I thought the Gavroche’s part wasn’t quite right. The young boy did a very good job, but I think his part there was too much singing. In my opinion even during songs, he should be more shouting and not singing. We left Chanhassen and got home at about twelve-thirty, so the day of our anniversary.

Sunday – We got up and exchanged gifts. Amy’s was much more thought out, no surprise. I gave her a six month subscription to People and a frame that she had looked at when we were shopping before. She gave me gifts that reminded her of me. A coffee mug, since I love coffee, with pictures of us in it. The book Les Miserables. I love reading classics and we were going to see it. A CD of memorable songs, the first song was our “first dance” song. There were other gifts as well. We drove to the place where we went for our one year of dating. The Afton House Inn. We got the same room. It was a fire place and a jacuzzi tub. Very nice. We had a very good, but very expensive dinner.

Today – We got up, had the complimentary breakfast, and checked out. We drove to the Afton State Park. Wow, not exactly the easiest hiking of the state parks. Good size hills to get down to the river. From the looks if it, they only have “hike in” camp sites. The hike into the campground from the looks of it is a very good workout. Maybe I’m wrong, but seems like if you went bringing a cooler is a very bad idea.

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Old Faithful

Old Faithful just went off a minute ago. It’s so beautiful I had to take a screen shot. It’s behind the cut


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