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Time to look at some of the other Division II and III sports going on. For the D-III polls I’ll mainly list hockey schools, for the D-III polls I’ll mainly list Minnesota schools (since I don’t know the schools playing D-III hockey well), but there’ll be exceptions in either case (D-I hockey schools who are D-III, AKA Colorado College. D-II Minnesota non-hockey schools).

Men’s D-II football
Current Champion: Northern Kentucky
Current poll: #4 Mercyhurst

Men’s D-III football
Current Champion: Messiah
Current poll: #17 Gustavus Adolphus

Women’s D-II football
Current Champion: Grand Valley State
Current poll: None

Women’s D-III football
Current Champion: Hardin-Simmons
Current poll: None

Women’s D-II volleyball
Current Champion: Grand Valley State
Current poll: #1 Concordia-St. Paul, #4 Minnesota-Duluth, #13 Minnesota State-Mankato, #17 Ferris State

Women’s D-III volleyball
Current Champion: Concordia St. Paul (4th Title in a row)
Current poll: #11 St. Thomas, #12 Concordia, #14 Colorado College


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I’m just going to start “publishing” the posts that I transfered over from my old blog.  So the RSS feed will be screwed up for a while, sorry to anyone who’s reading this blog that way.

On the road in this morning one of the guys on the Zack&Jack show was talking about the Red Sox and how bad they’ve been in September.  He said something to the extent about how “we love to see other fans misery”.   Seems silly to me if people are miserable because their team isn’t doing good.

The Power Trip last Friday came up with their Top 10 Metallica songs.  The four voted on their favorites and then put them together to get the list (they’re doing the same with AC/DC this Friday).  While I think Top10 lists are too overdone (extremely overdone thanks to the internet), I still get sucked in, especially when it’s something I’m interested in.  On the Power Trips list Metallica’s The Black Album is heavily on the list, making up 5 of the 10 songs, which apparently people who would count themselves as huge Metallica fans would roll their eyes over.  My top ones are also heavily The Black Album songs – although I don’t count myself as a Heavy Metal fan, I’m not sure – other than Metallica – if there’s a band I like much.  So for what it’s worth here they are (links are to the songs on Youtube):

  1. King Nothing – Load album
  2. Wherever I May Roam – The Black Album
  3. One – And Justice For All
  4. Enter Sandman – The Black Album
  5. The God that Failed – The Black Album
  6. Of Wolf and Man – The Black Album
  7. Hero of the Day – Load
  8. Don’t Tread on Me – The Black Album
  9. And Justice for All – And Justice for All
  10. Seek and Destroy – Kill ‘Em All

I didn’t include it on the list since it’s a remake, but Metallica’s cover of Bob Seger’s Turn the Page is wonderful.

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March Madness – 3/22

I always (okay, usually) fill out two basketball brackets.  One I choose who I think will win and the other who I want to win (who I’d cheer for of the two teams facing each other). 
As far as the winners bracket goes, the Southwest is killing me;  I had Kansas, Louisville, Purdue, and Texas A&M advancing but only Kansas is left.  I have both Kentucky & Ohio State right, but certainly I’m far from being the only one there.  I also got both Butler and Wisconsin right (yea Butler!).  I may have let me liking of Miss Reveille influence my picking A&M.
As far as my “cheering for” bracket goes, three of my four “final four” teams are gone, my hopes (at least according to the how the brackets are laid out) for a Xavier, Northern Colorado, Boston University, and Butler Final Four are done.  Probably Butler making it again won’t happen. 
My brackets:
Winners bracket:  1st round – 11/32 (34.3%), 2nd round – 8/16 (50%)
Cheering for bracket:  1st round – 15/32 (46.8%), 2nd round – 6/16 (37.5%)
Hockey Schools Left Playing:
NCAA Men DIOhio State, UCONN, Wisconsin
NCAA Men DIIMinnesota State Mankato, Alabama-Hunstville
NCAA Men NIT– None
NCAA Women DIUCONN, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan State
NCAA Women DIIBentley
NCAA Women NITSyracuse, Boston College

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Dog gone?

Butler or Florida? What to choose? What to choose?

  • Small conference school or large conference school
  • School where my sister and her friend lauuuuur-ahh went to or a school I have no ties to
  • A building that was in the movie Hoosiers and is a great old-time building or a building that isn’t any movie but does look like an alien space ship

Okay the movie thing aside, the alien space ship design is pretty cool. Not as cool as the old barn style of building. It’s still no contest, Go Butler! You can do it! Now that being done with, will I be watching it? No, my interest isn’t big enough. I’d just like Butler to go through.

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It’s frustrating: my computer at home can run circles around my computer at work. You’d think the work one would be better. I love my home computer.

Dream On: Yet another Team USA basketball team that can’t get even to the finals. Once again showing that the NBA isn’t about team basketball, it’s about me-first. The first dream had zero problems, it just underscores just how bad the NBA has gotten. We’ll see if they can even get a bronze.

Here comes the fall: Just in case I haven’t said it, I am very happy to be out of Division-I territory and living in a Division III town. The air is cleaner, the people are friendlier, the traffic is better (well usually, but construction has changed that for now), and the over-hype is gone. I could keep going. The last time I lived in a city that wasn’t D-I was ten years ago and I must say it feels good to be back in D-III (or D-II) territory. It’s what I grew up with, living in D-II territory that is Duluth, MN. Yeah UMD is D-I in hockey, but they’re really a D-II school and Duluth is certainly a D-II town. What with my renewed spirits, I’ve also discovered two great websites: D2football.com and D3football.com.

Last night UMD started and I’m very happy to see they started the season out on the right foot. They went on the road and beat Bemidji State 23-7. Now if only the hockey team could do that to the Beavers consistently. If historical performance is an indicator UMD getting a sweep isn’t likely. UMD’s home opener (for football) is a week from tomorrow against University of Mary.

As for my new home city, the Carlton College Knights (which is also for now my place of residence) begin play a week from tomorrow. They’re heading for Morris to play the Cougars. Carlton went 4-6 last seasons (2-6 in the MIAC conference). Carlton has 17 seniors on the squad. Morris plays an independent schedule. Like Carlton, they had a 4-6 record last year.

The cross-town St. Olaf Oles begin play tomorrow, visiting Valley City State. The Oles home opener is a week from tomorrow. They are hosting Luther College, who are making the trek up to Northfield from Decorah Iowa.

So no home football games for Carleton and St. Olaf tomorrow. It would have been great, since Amy is out of town for her job. Maybe tonight I’ll check out the Northfield High School Raiders home opener against Princeton tonight.

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When talking to someone who loves a particular sport, they may say the phrase “I’m a fan of the game”. So what they are saying is that they love the sport its-self, even though they may have a favorite team. How do you define that? What would you say defines someone who has “the love of the game”? A few criteria I can think of:

1) The person is willing to watch any game, any time, for any league.
— I’m thinking this probably is the biggest criteria. I’m not talking about you not watching a game because you need sleep because you have to work the next day, I’m talking about watching a late game when you have no other worries to attend to. You’re a NHL fan, only follow NHL games when your team is involved and have no interest in college, junior, or prep hockey? You’re probably not a fan of the game. A college student who goes to only games that your school plays in and is only interested in those games? You’re dismissed off the list. You’re a high school student who goes to the games because “it’s the cool thing to do” and other things like that, yep you’re gone too.

2) Sports memorabilia
— This has changed quite a bit in the last 10 years or so thanks to the internet. It used to be if you saw someone in a jersey that they (probably) were more likely a fan of the game. Now that’s not really a way of judging. It’s very likely, however, that they do have the love of the game if they own multiple jerseys from multiple teams. It’s extremely likely if their jerseys span different leagues and also include ones from teams other than that person is a fan of.

3) Tickets
— Having season tickets isn’t a gage on whether you have the love of the game. At some colleges the students camp out for long times, so they can get what they want for their student tickets. They might just have the love of the game. It also might not be the love of the game, but the love of a particular team.

4) Road Trips
— This one is probably a good indicator as well. Willing to catch a game away from your favorite teams’ stadium? You’re probably likely. Did you plan a road trip just to see the game or are you seeing a game at a stadium other than you’re own that doesn’t include your own or are you watching a game from a different league? You’re very likely.

5) State of Mind
— There’s a book about Minnesota high school hockey (“Blades of Glory” by John Rosengren) which has a quote

“The average teenage boy thinks about sex once every seven seconds; in Minnesota, he thinks about hockey the other six.”

Got it that much on your mind, you’re likely (or you have nothing better to do). Spend ridiculous amounts of time browsing through sites , planning for events, and/or dreaming about a sport. Yep, I think you’ve got it.

6) Participation
— Are you actively involved in the sport? You’re likely. Doing it as a (unpaid) volunteer? Even more likely. Running a website using your own money, spending tons of time keeping it up, without thinking of things such as profit. Yep, you’re very likely.

None of these criteria can tell if someone has “the love of the game” or it they don’t, but they could be good indicators. Any other ideas? In my case I would say I have the love of the game for hockey and possibly football (soccer to NA people), but my interests in other sports, like NCAA basketball, I do not have it.

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Corporation advertisements are everywhere. There is almost no where you can go or almost nothing you can do without seeing a company logo or advertisement. Buy a bottle of water, Aquafina get a free advertisement. Walk down the street, plenty of adverisements there. Loads of them on the internet. “Want a job at our company? You must wear our logo on your shirt and wear a name-badge that has our logo”. Go out to dinner at Applebees? There’s their company logo: on their menu , on their beer glasses , on their bar , and astoundingly they even have apples on the tiles of their restroom. Basically to say “you may be at our restaurant, but we still need to advertise to you”.

Look at NASCAR, there are advertisement everywhere. Plenty of driving ads and walking ads. Corporations pay athletes to wear their logo, make commercials for them, and do other things to advertise them. They also give them sometimes free stuff so their product can be shown.

Yet somehow this policy doesn’t apply to the average person. In fact the opposite is true a lot of times. People even give companies money so they can have a corporate logo on their feet , on their shorts, and other places.

So not only are corporations getting free advertisements, but people are actually the corporations money to advertise the company. I really just don’t understand it. Granted that sport stars are liked by many more people and that them being on television the companies can have their product advertised more, but why should us “non-stars” give them free advertising or pay to advertise their product. Don’t they have enough places they can advertise? I wear hockey jerseys, which I suppose is advertising, but I don’t like going farther than that. And no, NASCAR apparel doesn’t count the same as other sports jerseys due to the fact that NASCAR jackets are filled with tons of advertisements.

So as much as I like X product, I’m not buying a walking ad of their until they start paying me. Regretably sometimes you just can’t get around it, which is just a shame. Buy a fridge and there is a corpoate name on it. Too bad they don’t have the option where you can buy one without a logo. When you think about it, we’re paying them for their product so it should be our option. In the end, yes it is their product so they can put what they want on it. I’m still not buying a pair of shorts so I can be a walking advertisement.

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