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Just testing out some HTML things.



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Well that’s kind of odd. I make my posts through email and when my last post came through it added a smiley face. I checked my sent file to see if I typed it right and I did. I typed an 8 with a ) next to it to signify that Alaska-Anorage is the 8th of my list of WCHA teams to cheer for, yet when WordPress posted my er….. post it changed it to a smiley face.

Sorry UAA people, the smiley was unintentional.

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Something old and something new

It’s the beginning of something sort-of new.  New site, but pretty much the same stuff.  I’ll just write about what I want to write about, whether it’s sports, family stuff, geek stuff, or whatever.  What can I say, I’ve got the writing bug again.  Who knows how long it will last.

WordPress has a wonderful import tool, so I’ve imported all my old posts.  I’ll “publish” some of them and some I’ll just keep private.  It’s a lot of work, since there’s a lot to go through (8 years of work) and posts are doubled with importing from two sites.  Plus adding categories and tags.

Things I promise:
Plenty of typos to keep the grammar people happy
Focus on small schools:  These days I generally like D-II and D-III sports, but keeping with my anti-focus policy I’ll violate this promise.
Things I won’t promise:
Focus:  I’ll write about whatever I want to write (sports, family life, etc).  The only focus is that it’ll be things I want to write about.
Posting rate:  I immagine it will be the same as it was on The DECC is Stacked, you’ll sometimes get a few posts per day, sometimes there won’t be posts for weeks

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The NAHL showcase was fun yesterday. More to come, including a bunch of pictures.

Speaking of pictures. Here’s what I’ll call (for now) “they broke it, I fix it (poorly)”. My own way of fixing the problem of advertising encroaching on people lives. The photos I took myself.

The images are thumbnails, click them to get the full image.

They broke it:


I fixed it (poorly):


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tUMD is in Madtown this weekend to face the Badgers. UMD is undefeated in this early season. A win and a tie against Lowell and a easy win against Canda’s Lakehead. Not exactly top notch competition, but no losses none-the-less. Madison hasn’t been kind to the Bulldogs historically. Bucky has a certain trophy in their cabinet that they didn’t have last year at this time as well. Going for the Dogs favor is the Badgers are a little beaten up. UMD didn’t visit Madison last season, the series at the DECC was a split with UMD winning the second night. The official UMD site correctly says that UMD has won 3 of the last four against Wisconsin, but doesn’t give the whole story. The last four all have been played at the DECC. In the last twelve meetings in Madison UMD is only 3-8-1. The last series played there (in 2004-05), was a Badgers sweep with identical 3-2 wins. Alex Staalock started both nights last weekend, that could be a sign that he’ll be playing a lot this season.

NAHL – There’s a three way tie for the Central lead and the Fargo-Moorhead Jets are one of the three (Springfield and Bismarck being the others). The Jets have a 7-4-0 record. Jesse Echternach is tied for second in the league in goals. The Southern Minnesota Express are 5-4-0 overall. They’re fourth in the division, which is a little deceiving since they’ve only played nine games. All other teams in the division have played at least ten games, with Bismarck having played thirteen already. Shane Bailey is the only one in the league who has more than one shorthanded goal, Bailey has two of them. As for Alexandria, they’re at 4-7-0 and are only 1-4-0 at home.

I had my first chance to check out my first ever Shattuck St. Mary’s home game. The Prep team (their varsity equivalent). The SSM Prep team was playing a Midwest Hockey Elite League team. The MHEL team basically was just a bunch of players from different Minnesota highschools thrown together. Not much of an atmosphere at the game. The MEHL goalie didn’t even have the same jersey as the rest of his team did. Probably a better atmosphere will be when the play some of the NAHL teams and play some of the other highschool teams (they’re scheduled to play Culver (IN), Holy Angels, and Blake. Since that game wasn’t exciting, I went through the tunnel and watched SSM’s boys under-16 team play the Dallas Stars. No not those Dallas Stars, but yes that team is from Dallas, Texas. According to one of the parents the NHL’s Dallas Stars have their own youth teams. She said the kids went to school that day, flew up here to Minnesota, and then that night played Shattuck. So they were pretty tired, but kudos to them for doing it.

And now for things not involving a puck:

tUMD football team returned to winning ways with a close 16-13 win over Mankato. The ship is righted after they got whumped at home by Augustana. Saturday they face the other Mavericks, Nebraksa-Omaha makes a journey into Duluth.

Carlton lost a close one at home to Hamline 11-16. That makes the Knights on a three game losing streak, which comes after their three game winning streak. So now they’re an even three wins and three losses. Carleton got to eleven points the unconventional way, with a touchdown, an extra point, and two safeties. Next up is a trip to Augsburg to play the winless (0-6) Auggies.

As for St. Olaf, they’re sitting very nicely with a 6-1 record. They’re 4-1 in the MIAC which has them second only to St. Johns. The problem is that their only loss was to St. Johns. They’re at Bethel this week.

As for my hometown Esko Eskomos, they finished the regular season at 5-3. Their losses came to Greenway, Deer River, and Moose Lake/Willow River. As for sectionals, they play Pine River/Backus on the road.

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