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In case you didn’t know the UMD Men’s hockey team won the National Championship in hockey last season:

I won’t talk about it a whole lot, but needless to say I’m very happy about that. It was a long time coming, especially long were a bunch of years in the late nineties. I would have listed a bunch of other UMD teams that I thought would have won the National Title before I would have said last years, but last years team got hot at the right time.  Another long time coming was that this was the first time since the early 90s that the National Champion is a school who won it for the first time.

Next came the more shocking news, UMD decided to leave the WCHA for (maybe? hopefully?) greener pastures. They are breaking away from the WCHA to form a new conference, called the National Collegiate Hockey Conference, which as it stands right now also has Colorado College, Denver, North Dakota, Omaha, and Miami.  The WCHA and CCHA have basically merged. Still not sure what I think about it, I’m pretty skeptical at this point; I’ll give my thoughts more as things go along I am sure.

In my personal life, there hasn’t been any major changes. Life is good. Amy and I made a trip “out east” in the Summer to visit friends and family, with stops in Chicago, Ohio (just outside Cleveland), and Michigan. I didn’t see any stadiums at all from the trip.  We went through or close to some college hockey towns, but I didn’t see any for various reasons:  South Bend (only saw the town exit), Ann Arbor (ditto), East Lansing (ditto), Madison (stayed overnight, the Wisconsin campus was too far off the interstate).

Miss Kaelyn is a month away from being two and a half years old. Despite being in what people call the “terrible twos”, she’s for the most part easy-going and loving. The exception would be at night when she’s tired, even then she’s really not anywhere near as “terrible” as the “terrible twos” would say. One of Kaelyn’s teachers at the Montessori told us that Kaelyn is “the mother of the group”. That was nice to hear, although hardly shocking; she loves giving hugs and kisses and in general is a very caring, loving girl.  She is very much an outdoor girl, is always wanting to go to the playground and do other outside things.  This hockey season we’re going to take her to her first UMD game;  it will be perfect since our seats are right next to the students and the band, she’ll love that.


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Dogs and Cats living together – the rematch. Bulldogs verus Gophers this weekend, this time the tilt moves to the house that Mariucci built. Earlier this year UMD bested the southern branch of the University of Minnesota, with a win and a tie up in the friendly confines of the Duluth Arena. Well much has happened since then. The Gophers have found their chemistry and even lucked out **wink** in winning the MacNaughton Cup. The Bulldogs are the opposite, any possible momentum from the great weekend against the Gophers evaporated quickly. They now sit at the foot of the table in a place normally reserved for Huskies or Seawolves.

Hope is looming on the horizon, but the horizon is past this season. In the near horizon, hope springs from the great play by the freshmen and sophmores this season. In the distant horizon is a bright light that is (until it’s decided otherwise) the New Duluth Arena.

The new arena concept
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Good job by the citizens of Duluth for voting Yes for a new stadium. One request from myself to the powers that be: NO CORPORATE NAMING OF THE NEW AREANA!!!!! DO NOT STOOP TO THE HORRIBLE LEVEL OTHER ARENAS HAVE DONE!! It should be noted that almost all of the WCHA arenas are not corporate named. Mankato there is zero excuse for the name of the “Midwest Wireless Civic Center”. The last 3 new arenas in the league all have done a great job of naming their arenas: Magness Arena (DU) , Colorado Springs World Arena (CC) , and the newest league addition The Ralph Englestad Arena. Once again to the powers that be, do not bow down and let a corporation make you take one up the tailpipe.

Despite the fact that I forgot to highlight my predicted winners yesterday, I’m still giving myself credit. I picked 2 out of the 3 correctly. White Bear Lake is now just 1 win away from playing at the Excel Center and also if history prevails another trip to Maricucci Arena to try and get some consolation. Wayzata ended Robinsdale Armstrong’s good ride. Hermantown becomes the first school to be able to book their trip to St. Paul by defeating Hibbing. Section 7A has been an intersting one: In the last 6 seasons, there has been 5 different teams wining the section. During that time Duluth Marshall, Hibbing, International Falls , Virginia , and now Hermantown have come from that section. Only Hibbing has won it more than once in the 6 years.

My record: 118-38 (75.6%)

Tonights games:


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