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On the INCH 1st Shift, I really like this:

What the …?: Folks who listen to Jim Rome’s radio show on a regular basis know that one of the host’s fundamental rules is self-glossing—you never, ever give yourself a nickname. Besides, it’s just not hockey-like.

So we were mildly perturbed when the bourgeois National Collegiate Hockey Conference referred to itself in press releases as “The National.” Apparently it’s a trend, because in its press release announcing the addition of Bowling Green as a member in two seasons, the WCHA called itself as “The Association family,” which sounds like either an early ‘70s funk band or a motorcycle gang.

There’s no truth to the rumor that Hockey East is going to start referring to itself as “Hockey.”

Considering how much society is on "brands", it’s no surprise that the NCHC would try and make it’s own nickname. Despite UMD going to be part of the conference, at least as of right now (maybe they won’t actually play even one game for the conference. Ahem, TCU), I’m tempted to try and come up with a less than flattering nickname to combat them trying to create their own nickname.

The Western College Hockey Blog’s nickname for them, The Page 8s seems to fit. I’m smiling quite a bit at that nickname.


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As reported by PucKato and other sources, Notre Dame is headed for Hockey East. From the sounds of it the National Collegiate Hockey Conference and Notre Dame’s talks didn’t amount to anything because of television contract issues. Notre Dame not going into the NCHC doesn’t seem to me like it’s a “make it or break it” sort of thing for the NCHC.  Time will tell, but I still don’t see the big advantage of starting the NCHC, seems to me that staying in the WCHA (minus UMTC and Wisconsin) would have been just as good of a move for the soon-to-be NCHC members.

The Western College Hockey Blog’s take on UMD’s forwards seems correct to me (for forwards UMD is ranked 6th in the WCHA):

6. Minnesota-Duluth- The Bulldogs have primarily been a one–maybe one and a half–line team for the past three seasons, and will now have to adjust with losing two-thirds of that amazing top line. They still return playmaker Jack Connolly, and JT Brown and Travis Oleksuk proved at the end of last season that they can put the puck in the net. After that, the Bulldogs will have to hope that once-promising prospects that haven’t lit things up at the college level yet, like Mike Seidel or Dan DeLisle, develop into more consistent scoring threats.

UMD will need to find more firepower from more people….. which sounds a lot like I would have said this time last year. Last season turned out well, so what do I know.

As far as the defense goes:

6. Minnesota-Duluth- The Bulldogs lost Justin Faulk, who now looks like he’ll make the Carolina Hurricanes out of training camp, and unsung hero Mike Montgomery. Brady Lamb will play a starring role on this year’s Bulldog defense and finally get an opportunity to showcase what solid player he is after years in a secondary role. Like at forward, depth will be the big question mark for the Bulldogs.

Same story as the forwards, lack of depth.

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On my ride to and from work I’ll listen to sports-talk radio off and on.  Around 90% of the sports talk radio hosts I find to be annoying.  That certainly applies to KFAN.  Just recently their show “The Power Trip” starts at 5:30 AM, so they’re on my way to work and I find them almost completely annoying, but yes I’m still listening (cringing) just in case there’s something I’m interested in.  I also find “The Common Man” and Paul Allen incredibly annoying. 

The one thing that keeps me coming back is Dan Barreiro.  Compared to the 90% I find annoying, it’s very rare that I find him annoying.  Plus, I find myself agreeing with him on most issues.  It could be that I find the typical fanatic expectations regarding team performance (“they must make the playoffs”, “anything less than getting to the superbowl is a failure”), coaching positions (“they must fire him”), officiating performance (“worst call ever”, “how was that call missed”) and other such things.

Apparently the NCHC will be adding St. Cloud State and Western Michigan.  I’m still not sure about the whole NCHC in general, but adding St. Cloud State seems to be a very good move.  SCSU has history of doing well (not necessarily in the NCAAs, but that’s starting to turn around) and they are also getting their building renovated.  I don’t follow the CCHA, but it seems to me Western Michigan doesn’t have SCSU’s history of doing well (in the NCAAs only 4 times since 1975), so I’m not sure what to think of them from a NCHC benefit perspective.  For myself I like SCSU and although there are certainly other WCHA-CCHA teams I would sub for Western Michigan (Bemidji is tops) I have nothing against the Broncos.  As it stands right now there’s no NCHC team who I would be rooting against (unlike the WCHA when I’m always rooting against UMTC) but if Notre Dame ends up in the NCHC that will change that.

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In case you didn’t know the UMD Men’s hockey team won the National Championship in hockey last season:

I won’t talk about it a whole lot, but needless to say I’m very happy about that. It was a long time coming, especially long were a bunch of years in the late nineties. I would have listed a bunch of other UMD teams that I thought would have won the National Title before I would have said last years, but last years team got hot at the right time.  Another long time coming was that this was the first time since the early 90s that the National Champion is a school who won it for the first time.

Next came the more shocking news, UMD decided to leave the WCHA for (maybe? hopefully?) greener pastures. They are breaking away from the WCHA to form a new conference, called the National Collegiate Hockey Conference, which as it stands right now also has Colorado College, Denver, North Dakota, Omaha, and Miami.  The WCHA and CCHA have basically merged. Still not sure what I think about it, I’m pretty skeptical at this point; I’ll give my thoughts more as things go along I am sure.

In my personal life, there hasn’t been any major changes. Life is good. Amy and I made a trip “out east” in the Summer to visit friends and family, with stops in Chicago, Ohio (just outside Cleveland), and Michigan. I didn’t see any stadiums at all from the trip.  We went through or close to some college hockey towns, but I didn’t see any for various reasons:  South Bend (only saw the town exit), Ann Arbor (ditto), East Lansing (ditto), Madison (stayed overnight, the Wisconsin campus was too far off the interstate).

Miss Kaelyn is a month away from being two and a half years old. Despite being in what people call the “terrible twos”, she’s for the most part easy-going and loving. The exception would be at night when she’s tired, even then she’s really not anywhere near as “terrible” as the “terrible twos” would say. One of Kaelyn’s teachers at the Montessori told us that Kaelyn is “the mother of the group”. That was nice to hear, although hardly shocking; she loves giving hugs and kisses and in general is a very caring, loving girl.  She is very much an outdoor girl, is always wanting to go to the playground and do other outside things.  This hockey season we’re going to take her to her first UMD game;  it will be perfect since our seats are right next to the students and the band, she’ll love that.

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