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Boys Sections 3/2/12

A bunch of teams booked their skating time at the X last night. Considering they were section finals, I find it amazing just how many blowouts there were. Starting with….

Section 1AA (Bracket): Lakeville South routed Lakeville North 7-1. Kind of hard for North to win when they were outshot 42-13 and were outshot 28-3 in the the first period.

Section 3AA (Bracket): Eagan wins easily 10-1 over Hastings. I mentioned before that I didn’t like Eagan’s grey uniforms from a few years ago. Well, they’re only marginally better. The colors are much better, but they’re using a pro logo (the Florida Panther with the hockey stick logo).

Section 7AA (Bracket): Duluth East thankfully won 4-1 over Andover.

Section 8AA (Bracket): Moorhead wins 3-1 over Brainerd.

Section 2A (Bracket): Very offensive game, Breck wins 7-5 over Blake.

Section 6A (Bracket): Little Falls wins easily 6-1 over Fergus Falls.

Section 8A (Bracket): Thief River Falls wins 4-1 over East Grand Forks.


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Boys Sectionals

Of course I have boys high-school hockey on the mind right now. State is now less than a week away. This time next week the Class A teams would already have played and the Class AA will start playing.

Section 1AA (bracket)
As is now normal for this bracket, the two teams that I did not want to make state, one of them is certain to. It’s Lakeville versus Lakeville in the section final. It’s almost a certainty that I will be cheering the team that makes state; the only exception I can think of is if Maple Grove makes it, I would grudgingly cheer for Lakeville North over them, if it’s Lakeville South I’ll not cheer for either them or Maple Grove.

Section 2AA (bracket)
Edina won the section, which I’m okay with. I’ve always loved the Hornets unis. In this section there wasn’t any team that I would have been cheering against.

Section 3AA (bracket)
Eagan versus Hastings in the sectional final. I would really like Hastings to win this, due to the fact I really like the town of Hastings, plus I’m partial to the colors Blue&Gold. Eagan I don’t have much against, exception for those bad grey jerseys they wore a few years ago. Happy to see East Ridge and Apple Valley lose.

Section 4AA (bracket)
Hill-Murray versus Roseville in the sectional final. I really have no idea who to cheer for, both schools I’ve liked for quite a long time. I guess I want Roseville, since H-M has been to state more recently. It would have been wonderful to see Stillwater or Johnson at state (really, Johnson plays with the big schools?). I have nothing against White Bear Lake, but it’s great to see Johnson pulled the upset.

Section 5AA (bracket)
Maple Grove versus Blaine. No contest here, I definitely want Blaine; I’ve loved Blaine for a long time and really dislike Maple Grove. Too bad it couldn’t have been an Anoka/Blaine final, oh well.

Section 6AA (bracket)
Benilde is going to state, win over Tonka. I guess I’m okay with that, I would have rather had Tonka though. Glad Eden Prairie lost to Armstrong.

Section 7AA (bracket)
Duluth East verus Andover in the final. Let’s see Duluth area school verus….. Andover (yuck) and the possibility no NE Minnesota team at state for Class AA. Again, no contest I want East. This result is definitely the one I care the most about.

Section 8AA (bracket)
Moorhead versus Brainerd. Not a huge feeling here. I’ve been a big Spuds fan for a while, but I guess I want Brainerd, since Moorhead and Roseau have had a stranglehold on 8AA for quite a long time.

Section 1A (bracket)
Lourdes gong to state, win over Northfield. Northfield is my home, so of course I would have rather them one. Still nothing against Lourdes at all.

Section 2A (bracket)
Breck veresus Blake in the final. No strong feelings for or against either team.

Section 3A (bracket)
New Ulm versus Luverne in the final. No strong feelings for or against either team.

Section 4A (bracket)
St. Thomas Academy versus Totino-Grace in the final. I’d like Totinto, since STA has been at state a lot lately. Wish South St. Paul would have won against STA.

Section 5A (bracket)
Hermantown verus Rogers in the final. Of course I want Hermantown, since they’re a Duluth area school. I have nothing against Rogers though. Not sure why Hermantown is in 5A and not 7A.

Section 6A (bracket)
Little Falls versus Fergus Falls. I do like both teams, but since Little Falls have been to state a lot lately I want Fergus. Plus they have a pretty darn cool Otter statue, don’t you know?

Section 7A (bracket)
(Duluth) Marshall School versus Hibbing. Both are NE Minnesota Schools. Marshall is a Duluth school, but I want Hibbing. It would have been wonderful to have International Falls and Denfeld be in the sectional final.

Section 8A (bracket)
Thief River Falls verus East Grand Forks. No Warroad this year at state; I love cheering for Warroad, but they do make it to state quite a bit. I want EGF, they haven’t been at state for a while. I’m not sure if anyone other than Warroad, TRF, and EGF have made state before. If so, it’s been a really long time.

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I haven’t written in a while, since I haven’t found anything that remarkable to write about.

As far as UMD goes they now are unbeaten in 13
games. That’s pretty darn remarkable streak against any opponent, unless all those games were against Squirt B teams. Apologies to Squirt B teams, maybe there are some out there that can beat UMD, who was the #1 rated team in the country and got 3 points in Madison over the weekend. That 13 game streak also includes 4 road series. Friday UMD never lead and came back in the third for the tie, that tie stopped a string of 7 Ws for the Dogs.

In my personal life things are going good. We just had the Northfield Winter Walkabout on Thursday. It was more bearable than previous years, since the weather wasn’t bitterly cold. We had a fun time going through the streets, with the lone exception being us trying to get Kaelyn’s picture with a walking snowman; she cried even through the snowman wasn’t touching her (makes sense, she’s been scared of Santa, UMD mascot Champ, and other such costumes). After this week we’re off until after Christmas. We’re doing the north-south Minnesota thing, north before Christmas and south on Christmas. Hopefully there won’t be any storms to make the 4 hour trip from north to south terrible.

We bought Kaelyn a good bed. Up until this point she had been sleeping in a crib, with the side off. We bought her a bunk bed, for when she has a friend and/or cousins over. The bunk bed doesn’t have a ladder, but instead has stairs on the side of it, so it’s less likely she’ll fall going from the bottom to the top bunk. She’s only sleeping in the bottom bed for now.

My 2011 Sci-Fi Challenge is over, for whatever reason it runs December to November. I’d say I completed the regular challenge, but that’s being a little deceptive, since I can’t say I read every book from cover to cover (some I stopped around 70 pages). Like the 2011 Challenge there are 3 challenges: Light (read 10 of the 30 categories), Medium (20 categories), and Regular (all 30 of the 30 categories). You can double-count books if you wish. I went through and penciled in books for the categories.

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Off and on I read the newspaper (the actual paper, not those e-versions). I barely look at anything other than the sports. Even the sports I barely glance at, since I have no interest in the Wild, Timberwolves, Twins, Vikings, or gophers. What I do like about the Star Tribune is their high-school sports coverage. It’s not usual to have high-school sports make the front page of the sports section. Today there was two full pages covering high-school sports.

(Links are to the brackets)

Boys Futbol State:
Class A: Obviously I want Cloquet-Esko-Carleton to win over St. Paul Academy but other than that I really don’t have any strong feelings for anyone else.
Class AA: I want Mayo over Eastview (greater MN team over city school), doesn’t matter Anoka or Mpls Southwest, North St. Paul over Maple Grove (I’ve developed a dislike of Maple Grove through the years), and Blaine over Eden Praire (I’ve always liked Blaine- for the most part over hockey stuff).

Girls Futbol State:
Class A: Obviously I want Esko-Carleton over Lourdes. I also want South St. Paul over Benilde, St. Peter over Totino-Grace (greater MN team over city school), and Bemidji over Blake (greater MN team over city school)
Class AA: I want Anoka over Lakeville North (I’ve always liked Anoka and don’t like either Lakeville school), Blaine over Wayzata (see Blaine above), no feelings of Woodbury/Burnsville, and no feelings over Eastview/Centennial (well, other than I’d like both to lose).

Boys (gridiron-)football sectionals:
Too many teams/sections/divisions, so I’ll just look at certain ones (mostly sections 1,7,&8)
5A – Section 8: No strong feelings over the East/Moorhead game. Since the Spuds won, I want them to win the section. No real strong feelings of dislike of any of the remaining teams though.
5A – Section 1: No strong feelings over the Owatonna/John-Marshall game. Whoever wins I want them to win over the Lakeville/Lakeville matchup.
4A – Section 7: Would like to see Grand Rapids and Hermantown win, but really having nothing against Bemidji or Detroit Lakes
4A – Section 1: Being a Northfield resident I want them to win but otherwise I don’t have any strong feelings of the other teams.
3A – Section 7: Would like the Cloquet/Proctor winner to win the section, but have no strong feelings of the rest of the teams still playing
1A – Section 7: Sorry to see Barnum lost to Ogilvie. In ’97 when I was in high-school it was a big deal to win over Deer River (in Deer River) for sectionals. Looking at it now Deer River is in Class A, while Esko is in Class 3A. It makes me wonder if Esko moved up, Deer River moved down, or both.
9Man – Section 5: Very interested in this section, due to that the school are generally close to Esko and ones I know fairly well. Would like to see Cromwell and Floodwood win; the section final would be exciting since the two schools are only 19 miles apart.

Volleyball sectionals: Sectionals haven’t even started, so not anything to talk about. Still, happy to see Esko get the #1 seed in 2A – Section 7.

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Last night I watched Carleton’s women’s football(soccer) team play UW-La Crosse; Ellie Wilson scored in the second overtime for a Knights 1-0 win, Beth Ashinsky got the shutout. 

I picked up Kaelyn and we went to watch it (missed the first half) and Amy showed up after she was done with work (although they both left early, Kaelyn had an accident – she’s still learning to use the toilet).  Not a lot of great chances, but the play was pretty even and both teams came close to scoring a couple of times in regulation (Carleton hit the bar once).

Going to watch either of the Carleton football teams play in the fall is really wonderful.  You sit on a grass-covered hill, with the game going on below you, with the fall-colored trees in the background, and occasional Canadian Honkers flying by.  Really, there’s not much that can compare. 

Sitting there I just couldn’t help thinking that it sure seems that Division II and Division III NCAA athletics is what sports are supposed to be.  It could be just me though, judging from “professional” sports and NCAA Division I attendance.  Division II and Division III athletics is wonderful because:

  • There’s no problem getting to the event – traffic is either non-existent or not really a problem
  • It’s cheap to watch; sometimes it’s free, but even when you do pay you’re not having to worry about cost like when you go to Division I or “professional” sports game (paying for tickets, paying for parking, ticket processing fees, etc).
  • Very little fanatical stuff going on;  people are just simply watching the game, cheering for their team, and it’s very rare you see the “woofing” that happens in the Division I or “profession” sporting events.  Going to a D-II or D-III game you’re a ton less likely to encounter violence than at a D-II or “professional” sporting event.
  • Little to no advertising: Watching the game you are subjected to almost no ads, certainly none of the “that blocked punt was brought to you by Ed’s furniture and firearms.  Just remember if you want a new sofa and are worried about protecting it, come to Ed’s”. 
  • Rivalries/conferences:  Especially with the recent conference changes in Division I (gridiron-)football and hockey, it just seems that the conferences don’t make a lot of sense (Seriously, Colorado is in the Pac-10? What’s “Pac” about Colorado?).  Case in point, the MIAC has 13 schools and every single one is in Minnesota.  Thus traveling to see a road game is much more convenient and the rivalries make more sense.  Heck, in case you are a St. Olaf or Carleton College fan, if you want to see them play an away game you have a 5 minute drive since both teams are in Northfield.

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Today I’m looking at winter in southern Minnesota, which for the most part to me means hockey. Since I know zero about basketball I won’t bother looking at that, it’s hockey I’ll work on.

It’s easier to talk about this by school, with the exception of…..

High-School Hockey-
Tons of options, very few of which I know much about. I’ve only seen a game in just a few of the arenas. I don’t know much about girl’s hockey, but I’m willing to learn. For now I’m mostly talking about the boys game. (more…)

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I bring to you “Pigskin Roundup”. It’s roundup on all things football (not futbol) that I’m interested in. NCAA football will definitely be featured and maybe some high school stuff. It’s pretty unlikely you’ll see NFL stuff as I still say NFL stands for No Fun League. That seems to apply while watching the games.

NCAA Action

Air Force: The Falcons lost to the #11 ranked Tennessee Vols. The Falcons were playing in Neyland Stadium, which is always ranked as being one of the nicest stadiums in the country to play at. The Falcons started great, they grabbed an early touchdown. Tennessee came back and had the lead at the half. The teams exchanged a pair of touchdowns in the third. Air Force scored to tie it, which brings up the question of do you kick the extra-point for the tie or go for the win. Fisher DeBerry decided to go for the win on the road, which is gutsy to say the least. It didn’t work out for the Falcons unfortunately, but kudos to Fisher for taking the risk. Air Force went for an onside kick and recovered it, but unfortunately for Air Force it was ruled to be offside. The Vols held on to the rekick and also the win.

Next for the Falcons comes a trip to Laramie to play the Wyoming Cowboys. Air Force has lost the last two games played in Laramie. Wyoming lost on the road this week to Virginia. They won their opener at home against Utah State.

Carleton: The Knights started out on the right foot. They won in against Minnesota-Morris at Morris’ redesigned stadium fifty to fourteen. Junior R.J. Jackson set a Carleton school record in the process with his six touchdowns, which amazingly all came before the whistle blew for halftime. His play made him the MIAC offensive player of the week. The Knights led 41-7 at the half and never looked back.

Next up for the Knights is twin-cities’ Macalester College. Macalester has split their two games so far, losing at Beloit at week ago and winning at home versus Principia 50-6 on Saturday.

St. Olaf: Two games, two wins. The Oles defended their home opener, winning 35-16 over Luther. Luther started out strong and had a 10-0 first quarter lead. St. Olaf came back to lead at the half 14-3. They then turned on the defense and would only allow Luther a field goal the rest of the way. Luther was the first of three straight home games for the Oles. Hamline is next week. The Pipers won back on August 31st, their only game so far, at home against the NAIA’s Mayville State.

UMD: The Dogs also go to 2-0 on the season. They won their home opener against the University of Mary 42-14 at Malosky Stadium. Quarterback Ted Schlafke and wide receiver Tony Doherty connect twice for touchdowns in the win.

Coming up for the Dogs is a road trip to Vermillion, South Dakota. They will take on the University of South Dakota Coyotes next week. The Coyotes are also 2-0 and had very little trouble from their first two opponents. They won their two games (against Quincy and Minnesota-Crookston) by a combined score of 125 to 6. The Bulldogs and Coyotes shared the North Central Conference title last season.

Highschool Action

Esko: The Eskomos actually lost a Polar League game. They lost to Greenway 14-20. This is shocking for two reasons: One, Greenway stopped Esko’s 19 game regular-season streak and Two, they also stopped Esko’s 14 game home winning streak (regular-season and playoffs). So congrats to the Raiders. Esko is now 1-1, they beat the rival Carlton Bulldogs a week ago. Next up for the Eskomos is the Ely Wolves. Ely has played two and lost both. Neither was a close game. Greenway stormed over Ely 49-6 on September 1st and Carlton beat them 30-0 on Friday.

Northfield: The Raiders go to 2-0 with a home win against the Holy Angels Academy Stars. This week is an away game at the Hutchinson Tigers. Hutchinson split their opening games. They lost against Glencoe-Silver Lake on September 1st. Last week to won 51-21 over Red Wing.

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