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A very nice weekend.  We traveled a little bit, but still it felt like a home weekend.

Saturday we had a relaxing morning at home.  We then drove up to Eagan and went to Lebanon Hills Park and looked at the lake.  Lebanon Hills Park was the place of Amy and my second date back in 2004, although the area of Lebanon Hills where we went back then is closed right now for some sort of construction.  We then met my aunt Cynthia at Burnsville Mall, where she got Kaelyn some clothes.  We finished out day by going to our friend Kim’s house.

Sunday we ended up going up to Bloomington to the Mall of America area to Ikea.  We found a leather desk chair for $40 (we were using a folding chair for the desk prior to that).  We got Kaelyn a light for her wall that’s a blue star.  We also got a couple of furniture pieces for putting shoes in, for our back hallway.

I installed NHL2004 on our computer and I’m going to do a mod of it.  It’s been at least a couple of years since I’ve done so.  With me not having much time it’ll take a long time to do a project, so maybe I’ll end up giving up on it, but I’ve been missing the creative modding process.  I’m thinking I’m just going to throw in junior hockey teams for different leagues.  Not sure which is the NHL2004 leagues I’ll mod over;  moding over the NHL would mean more teams, but that would take forver, maybe I’ll just mod over the german league instead.


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I’m looking forward to tonight.  Miss Kaelyn and myself are having “water babies” class.  Last year she enjoyed it at only 1 year old and this year she seems to like it well too, just as long as she’s not on her back (that’s true for baths as well).  Then again she’s very much a people person.
As I said yesterday, Amy had given me God of War II for my birthday.  I played for only 15 minutes or so last night and I’m very impressed by the little I played.
The most incredible thing was the Colossus of Rhondes coming to life!  That is pretty darn cool.  Recently I had read just a little about the Colossus and thought “hey, that’s neat”, but seeing how they did it in GOW2 was spectacular.  Then again, any humongous statue is pretty darn neat.  Kind of amazing to think about, the Statue of Liberty is only 26th largest in the world.  I can’t imagine the Spring Temple Buddha, just look at the size of that thing.  It would be neat to journey around and see all of them, but considering most of them are in Asia, that’s not likely to happen.
Not quite in the same ballpark, but I did see the Mother Cabrini Shrine in Colorado.  That was pretty neat.  The drive may have been the best part and I’d recommend it if you find yourself out in CO for a hockey game or other reasons.  It’s probably not worth the trip for the statue alone, but the drive up to Summit County (Breckenridge, Dillon, etc) is wonderful.  I certainly miss Colorado at times.

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Apparently the two teams playing in the (not so-)Superbowl were decided yesterday.  Speaking as a Minnesota-born person, who’s lost their enjoyment of “professional” sports, I have no problems the Packers won.  Maybe if I had nothing to do, I’d watch it.  Then again I never have nothing to do;  that’s especially true with having an almost 2 year old now.  Instead of watching the Superbowl, I’d rather be watching a movie with Amy, reading a book, playing video games , or just taking a nap, just to name a few things.
Speaking of the other things I mentioned above…..
Amy and I finished Sherlock Holmes recently.  It certainly was entertaining, but not sure what to think about it in an Sir Arthur Conan Doyle sense.  From Amy’s Dad we are borrowing Inception to watch, I’ve heard it’s very good.  Due to the amount of time we have in our evenings and other shows to watch, not sure when we’ll get to it.  We did go to the theaters recently and saw Harry Potter (Fantastic!) and Narnia (Very good!).
For Christmas/Birthday presents I got a lot of stuff to read (over 4,000 pages), most of it being Sci-Fi, my favorite genre.  As usual, I’m currently reading two books;  one for during the day (commute and lunch) and one for at night (mostly right before bed). 
My day book right now is “I, Robot” by Isaac Asimov.  It’s basically a compilation of Asimov’s short-stories about robots, which are repackaged into one “book”.  Very good so far.  Some of the stuff in the Will Smith movie of the same name is in there (the 3 robot “laws”, etc).  This one is from the library,  not sure if eventually I’ll buy it from somewhere.
My night book is “Counter-clock World” by Philip K. Dick.  Great idea of time is going backward (people are coming back alive, etc) but I consider it to be just so-so reading.  I’m fairly close to the end, so I’m guessing I’ll end up finishing it.  I’m certain I’m going to be “swapping” it, I only keep the books that I will re-read over and over in my lifetime (this is also a reason why I’m against e-books, swapping “hard copy” books is much better).
Playing video games:
I’m currently trying to play Syphon Filter – Dark Mirror on the PS2.  I’m really enjoying this game.  I had tried playing Call of Duty, but even though it was somewhat enjoyable, I felt like the game was going to move forward no matter what I did, provided I didn’t die.  Seemed like the AI-teammates did all the “work”.  Siphon Filter is better, because I’m doing all the “work”.  It’s sort-of like Resident Evil in that regard.
Amy just gave me God of War II for my birthday.  I never played the first God of War, but I’ve heard both of them are good. 
Taking a nap:
I did a lot of napping this weekend, which is from being sick.  Normally I’m a “napper” person, I love naps.  When I’m sick I generally just sleep through the day.

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Great weekend for the Dogs out in Mass. From the sounds of it Stalock was a brick wall. This puts UMD as-of now in the NCAA tournament. Then again the national tournament doesn’t begin now does it? This weekend could be huge, as they’re journeying to Mad Town to play the Badgers, who also as-of right now would be in the NCAA tournament. A split or better would be great.

It’s been darn cold the last couple of days here in MN. We’re talking -40 to -50 degrees below zero when accounting for the wind chill effect. Waiting a whole 10 minutes for the bus to get home last night I swear I felt the coldest I’ve been in ten years. Sadly the warm weather before this got rid of all the pretty snow. Then the cold came and gives us ice. Blah.

For my birthday my beautiful and wonderful Amy bought me a Playstation 2. Our friend Steve bought me FIFA 2008 for it. This allows me to continue my project, which I’ve been doing since around 1999.

Warning very geeky stuff ahead. Reader beware.

I can’t remember how long it’s been, but generally since way back in FIFA 1998 (The Road to the World Cup) I’ve been running my own league. I keep track of the teams’ records and to somewhat lesser extent player goals and cards. I’ve kept everything since the beginning. I play the matches myself (they’re not simulated) and chose the team who I’d rather play as. This never was intended to be “real life” at all, just something for me to enjoy.

Some seasons pass by quickly, while others take forever. Seasons take a lot longer than they used to due to my weekends being almost always booked, spending time with Amy, having hockey season tickets, and having a lousy commute. Other video games have also kept me from finishing seasons, which has meant on a few occasions I’ve had to restart seasons. Seems like I’ve restarted Season 19 many times. Usually the teams’ rosters fall behind what the real life clubs rosters are.

Have I lost everyone, all eight of you, already? I told this is really geeky.

The format of the league has changed from season to season at times, but generally it’s kept the divisional format where a certain number of clubs are relegated to a lower division and that same number are promoted up. Depending on the number of teams in the division, the team plays either one or two matches against each divisional opponent. The teams that finish the bottom of the bottom division are relegated out of the league and are replaced by other teams. Those teams are sometimes teams of my choosing, sometimes randomly chosen, and more recently teams who won a promotional playoff tournament.

The number of divisions and number of teams in each division has changed depending on the season as well. Generally the top division, (a la a “premiership”) has the same clubs in it, such as Manchester United, Juventus, Bayern Munich, and both Milans. Thanks to EA increasing their number of leagues “the league” has gradually become more diverse in the number of countries included. I’m very happy to see the FAI eircom League of Ireland included in FIFA 2008. Generally though the top two divisions haven’t changed much on who is in there; mostly clubs from England , Germany , and Italy , with Rangers and Celtic sneaking in there from time to time.

I’ve had a champions league here and there, where the champions of each league from the prior season get to participate in it the next season. I fully admit that’s a little silly since you have a lower division team in a “champions league” against the top division team.

More to come…..

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